Sunday, October 16, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 431

From vintage, we go to modern with Sherman's story of how he completed a very special collection!

(~all text & photos by Sherman, except where noted ~ click on images to enlarge)

Mission Accomplished. May I present you this completed collection of Parker Duofold Marbled Maroon series!

"The story began when my beloved wife gifted me the Parker Duofold Marbled Maroon Propelling Ballpoint on my first birthday with her. I treasured it too much and, therefore, kept it in the box, not daring to carry it. Also, I was actually not that keen on Parker, as I only knew Montblanc and Pelikan were more prominent when I was in Hong Kong - a bit materialistic, wohahaha... "

"Now, after keeping it nearly untouched for over 25 years, I set a goal to get the complete series of Marbled Maroon in early 2020 in order to glorify the love to her, wohahaha.... (perfect excuse, of course, no other better one, wohahaha.....

"When I bought the last Centennial (Short Clip) fountain & rollerball pen set, I thought that the mission was completed. Only when I reviewed the photo from (and only until that time) I then realized there existed the long & short clip models..... Kind of frustrated by my own ignorance as I sold the previous long clip one to a buddy (thought it was an excess).... Well, c'est la vie, so let's continue my Search of Excellency, wohahaha.... If you are looking for the Duofold Marbled series, I bet they all have the Centennial models with Long & Short Clip versions. I don’t know if either one has better value. When I hold them, there are really much the same to me."

"Praise the Lord that after just a few months, I eventually acquired another one (Centennial model) with Long Clip which arrived yesterday! As usual, I gave it a good bath. Polished the nib with Q-Tip, and flossed the tines with a brass sheet, etc. It’s a pre-loved piece, and came without a box or converter!"

"After the clean-up, I took family photos with it... "
"As you may also see, one of the Rollerballs has no refill in. Yes, it’s a NOS together with the Short Clip Centennial. No intention to use it yet."
"Anyway, thanks for reading my personal and yet humble story😍😍😍 Love you all, and I love my wife and family. Cheers!!!" 🥰🤪🤣

Sherman--congratulations on completing your lovely collection, and thank you so much for sharing it with us! :)

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