Sunday, November 13, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 437

I always learn something from Christopher's vintage pen reviews, and this one is no exception. Our thanks, as always, to Christopher for sharing his knowledge of vintage pens with us!

(all text by Christopher)

"When is a Waterman 52 that looks like a ripple, not a ripple? Well, I do not think that it is common knowledge that the Waterman Company varied their red ripple vulcanized rubber finish with a just as attractive vulcanized rubber ‘Woodgrain’ finish. In fact, I have on occasion seen images listed with a red ripple finish, when they are in fact the woodgrain finish. The difference is usually a deeper red/orange and instead of the ripple swirls, vertical and or wavy lines much like the ones on a piece of wood. I believe, although I could be mistaken, that the Waterman woodgrain finish from the later twenties period is rarer still and, subsequently, not exactly easily to find."
(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

"This fine Waterman pen came to me with another unusual feature. Usually, the Waterman 52 ½ is accompanied with a V. The 5 refers to the pen being a lever filler, the 2 is the nib size, while the ½ means that the pen is slim or slender and, finally, the V indicates that the pen is a short one in length. But, this Waterman which has come to me has a 52 ½ imprinting on the flat end of the barrel with no V. And most short ribbon ring tops are made short, with a lady in mind or to slip into a gentleman’s vest pocket. But my newly acquired pen is all of 5 ½ inches capped and a full 7 inches posted, but sporting a short ribbon ring on the top of the cap. Personally, I like this unusual combination which has, as far as I am concerned, an unmatched elegance, if you add the lovely woodgrain finish.

Overall, the pen is in just remarkable condition and in restoring and servicing it, I am convinced that it was never used. Even the Waterman’s IDEAL branding imprint on the barrel has the remains of its original white colouring embellishment in the letters. The fittings are 14K Gold Filled and on a matching woodgrain finish grip section is one beautiful flexy Waterman Ideal No.2 14K Gold nib. This is a Canadian Waterman product, which probably had its roots in the Toronto Waterman plant. One nice pen which I am already using in my pen round up for the week up and coming."

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