Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 510

August 8th is Happiness Happens Day, a day to celebrate all things happy, so here's something that made Christopher very happy -- a thoughtful gift he got from a pen friend a little while back :)

Christopher writes:

"Good pen collector friends are even better when they feel you should have a gifted writing instrument for your collection. And I will have to say this about my fellow Vancouver Pen Club chum, David Moffatt, he sure did me proud with this fine Parker Vacumatic.

I believe, in having sold countless Parker Vacumatics, that at least some -- if not a lot of -- vintage Parker Vacumatic enthusiasts just seem to overlook the attributes of the Debutante model. Possibly the size at first glance capped, or maybe a Major or Standard would have more appeal? But for me, all that wonderful beauty and quality built into a smaller size is nothing but impressive. Starting the ball rolling with the exquisite Pearl colour top quality Lucite plastic finish and, add to that either 14K gold filled or smart shiny steel fittings which all complement a leading pen design, and you have a good start definitely for a great vintage writing instrument."

|(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)  

He continues:

"Then, if your Vacumatic is from the beginning of the 1940s like this one, the filler is the no nonsense, easily used ‘Speedline’ filler covered with an extended blind cap. And because this is a second generation Parker number, this particular pen comes with noteworthy jewels at both ends. These jewels are jet black because this pen’s production hails from Canada. 

Looking beyond the silver pearl exterior finish with a bit of light behind the barrel, it is evident that although a bit red ambered, there is some noteworthy barrel transparency. And fitted perfectly into a rather short, but adequate jet black grip section, is a superb 14K Gold Parker Arrow nib on top of a goodly supporting jet black Parker Vacumatic feed. The nib is a fine but consistent smooth writer, making this a vintage pen worthy of any vintage pen collector’s pen collection. I should mention the cap before concluding, in that it sports a short steel clip and medium width steel banding. 

This is a streamlined Vacumatic Debutante Senior model, which posts at a full 5 ½ inches, but caps back to an extremely pocketable 4 ¾ inches. The one thing that really grabbed my attention regarding this fine Parker pen was the brilliance of its exterior pearlescent finish. The Senior Parker designation refers to the fact that, in 1940, this debutante in part was moved to the top-end of the Vacumatic Parker line (while a Debutante Junior was created in the Shadow Wave Parker Vacumatic line). Subsequently, it is well on its was into my vintage pen collection."

Our thanks to Christopher for sharing this lovely gift with us!

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