Friday, August 14, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 59

I couldn't resist picking up this Cross 'Bailey Light' fountain pen in white from to go with the grey and teal models I bought this Spring...

(photos by Maja ~ click on images to enlarge)

I'd purchased the grey and teal versions back in April, but both had nib issues (which you can read about here) so I was a tad hesitant to buy another one and wound up waiting a couple of months before buying the white model above. Happily, this newest one has no start-up issues at all, and the Medium steel nib (which has a drop of ink on it in the photo above---oops!) is very smooth.

I love how the glossy white of the resin material goes so well with the shiny chrome trim ...

In addition to white, teal and grey, the fountain pen also comes in blue and black. It's also available in ballpoint and rollerball form, although I didn't see the latter on I'm debating whether or not to get the other two fountain pen colours; at less than $20 CAD apiece, it's very tempting ;)

~Photos and write-up by Maja

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