Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buy, Sell & Trade!

If any VPC members have any pens/ink/paper/other writing instrument-related items they would like to buy, sell or trade amongst themselves, please post your item(s) in the Comments section of this post.

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wspohn said...

I have a Parker Gold 'Toothbrush' pattern Duofold (properly called 'Geometric' pattern) for sale. Needs the vacumatic filler rebuilt (one of our members does this. Looking for $75 or trade.

ianmedium said...

I have a 6 month old Waterman Carene in the Marine amber finish with a fine nib and would like to trade it for something vintage.

The pen is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and unused cartrdge

I have only written with it a few times and it now gets no use due to my Nakaya

I will be at the meet tomorrow and am looking forward to meeting you all!
Oh yes, anything vintage by Parker, conway stewart, Pelikan or Sheaffer would be great!

All the best.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

I'm posting this on behalf of VPC member Ralph W. who is looking for a Medium nib-section unit for his Cross Century I fountain pen (this is the slimmer version of the Century II pen that is still being sold by Cross). Ralph has a B (Broad) nib but would like to acquire a M (Medium)nib-section unit, so if you have one you are willing to part with (he's willing to swap, or else buy it outright), please send him an email c/o the VPC at and I will forward it to him. Thanks ~Maja

ianmedium said...

Just to let you know I have traded the Carene, thanks for your interest!
All the best.

Graham Mitchell said...

I have a steel blue restored Parker 51 Vac with a fine nib that I'm contemplating trading. I'll bring it along on Thursday.

I like it in principle but it's just not big enough to be comfortable in my hand, I find. It's writing a bit dry at the moment but shouldn't be too difficult to adjust.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Quick update from Graham: his Parker 51 Vac has been traded. Thanks for your interest!

Graham Mitchell said...

I've got a Pelikan M1050, black body/vermeil cap, M nib, that I brought along a couple months ago and am interested in selling; the balance just doesn't quite work for me, which is a bummer considering this was a bit of a grail pen.

It was NOS when I bought it and I've only inked it... 4 times, if memory serves. It's in great shape (just a teeny spot of tarnish on the cap which it had when I bought it and which I've been meaning to clean off, just haven't gotten around to picking up any baking soda). I've also got the box, which is a little bit shopworn but generally okay.

I'd like $450 for it. I'll have it along with me next Thursday if anyone wants to take a look at it. I'm not really interested in a trade at this time - much as the thought of having another new pen is enticing!


Peter R said...

I have a "as new" Montblanc George Bernard Shaw pen for sale. Medium nib. Comes with box and manual. Purchased at Perks a few months back. Selling for $600.

pcryan5 @

Graham Mitchell said...

I got the M1050's nib adjusted a little (much smoother now) and it's finally starting to grow on me, so consider it withdrawn for the time being.

Graham Mitchell said...

I've got three pens that aren't seeing a whole lot of use, so I'd like to sell them:

Pilot Bamboo (European version), black with rhodium trim, M nib, with box and papers - $180

Danitrio Cum Laude (big version), blue/grey with gold trim, F nib - $75

Cross Townsend Medalist, chrome with GP trim, M nib, with box and papers - $70

These are all used but in good shape, and I'll entertain reasonable offers. I'd prefer to sell rather than trade, as I could use the money for my Labor Day Vegas trip, but if you have a trade offer, let me know.

I may also have some more stuff to sell off soon as I go through my collection and see what isn't getting used.


Vancouver Pen Club said...

VPC member Jacqueline B. is trying to find a couple of items for purchase. The first is a Cross "Vice" pen. The pen looks like it might be broken, as that it folds in half to close and folds to normal size in order it write. The barrel of these pens came in different colors and the one that she's looking for has a blue barrel. Jacqueline is also looking for anyone who has the Cross "ION" color ink refills in red, green and purple, if possible. If you have any of these items for sale, please contact Jacqueline at

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Update to that last post---the Cross "Vice" pen can be new OR used (in good condition).

Graham Mitchell said...

I'll take $160 for the Bamboo if anyone's interested. As mentioned, this includes the (very attractive) display box.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Just posting this "For Sale" item on behalf of Bill S. in our pen club....Bill has a new (dipped once) in the box Parker '100' fountain pen in the ivory colour with a F nib that he is selling for $150 Cdn. If you are interested in purchasing this pen from Bill, please contact him directly at WSpohn4 [at]

Peter R said...

<>I have a "as new" Montblanc George Bernard Shaw pen for sale. Medium nib. Comes with box and manual. Purchased at Perks a few months back.

Now selling for $500.


ianmedium said...

Hello folks.
I have decided to sell my Montegrappa historia.For those who have not seen it it is the dark grey celluloid version with mother of pearl ground and mixed into the celluloid. It is immaculate condition and comes with the (Large!)Box and wonderful hardbound book describing the company. This pen is Pre Richemont era having been made in 1999. Also included is the pen pouch. I do not have papers though!

This pen was purchased earlier this year from John Mottishaw, currently prices for one in this condition seem to be anywhere from $650-$850 and if NIB up to $1600!

I am willing to let this pen go to a club member for $400 (a saving of $175 from what John charged earlier this year!)

The pen comes with a lovely medium nib but writes like a fine. I just do not write with this pen since getting my 149 hence the sale. To be honest the pen saw little use with me due to me preferring a broader nib!

I can supply pictures of the pen or if you wish to meet up I am more than happy to in Vancouver. I will also bring the pen along to the next meeting!

All the very best.

Graham Mitchell said...

My Pilot Bamboo is sold. I still have these two available, slightly reduced, both in excellent condition with boxes:

Cross Townsend Medalist - M - $65
Danitrio Cum Laude - F - $70

ianmedium said...

Maja very kindly reminded me to say that my Montegrappa is #410/1000 made in the grey colour!

ianmedium said...

Special Discount!

I really want to sell the Montegrappa to fund another purchase so I will offer the pen to members attending this weeks meeting at Perks at a discount!

$375 on the night!
This is a real bargain seeing what they go for on the forums and internet!

The pen is in pretty much as new condition and is complete except for papers, the wonderful hardbound book and box are included!

wspohn said...

A couple of things.

Selling a Parker 100 in ivory colour, new in box, F nib, $120 Can.

Second, be sure to check with Perks (Richard) if you are looking at buying a new pen. I did that and he was able to meet the best price offered on the internet, for a brand new pen delivered here!

Third, there is a contest on FPN at the moment at

- post your opinion and you will be in a draw to win a new Classic Pens CP8! A free $1250 pen!

Graham Mitchell said...

My Danitrio Cum Laude is sold.

The Cross Townsend Medalist with M nib is still available - I'll knock another $5 off it and make it $60.

ianmedium said...

My Montegrappa is now sold! Thank you Graham, I know it has gone to a good home!

wspohn said...

The ivory Parker 100 has gone to an appreciative home.

A good holiday season to all.

ianmedium said...

Just putting feelers out there.
I am looking to trade my Nakaya portable writer in the kuro tamenuri finish (deep deep red) with a John mottishaw flexible double broad stub nib.

I am looking for an excellent condition double jewel parker 51 vacumatic.
The Nakaya is in excellent condition as well!

I cannot for the life of me find the box for the Nakaya, I know I have it but can't find it anywhere!
So the pen will be traded sans box but including the kimono pen pouch!

I might also consider a Sheaffer PFM in the gold filled finish!
Thanks so much and happy new year, see you all at the next meet!

ianmedium said...

Just a bump and slight change. I would also consider an early aerometric 51 or non gold PFM!

ianmedium said...

I have come to my senses! I just wrote with the Nakaya and realized I would miss it too much so the trade is closed!

May said...

Very happy that there will be an ink swap this month. I searched through my ink stash, and found 9 inks that I haven't been using lately.

PR Lake Placid Blue
PR Naples Blue
PR Avacado
Hero Blue Black
Hero Black
Noodler's Polar Green
Noodler's Polar Brown
Noodler's Tiananmen
Noodler's Baystate Blue

Natural light:

Artificial light:

I can definately trade them for something that I will be using more often, but I don't think I can carry all these inks to the meeting. If you are interested in any particular ink, please let me know, and I will try to bring them to the meeting. Thank you.

My email is mayto (dot) vancouver (at) gmail (dot) com

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Hi May! Many thanks for the PR Lake Placid Blue, Hero Blue Black &
Noodler's Polar Green inks I got from you in trade at this week's VPC meeting. They are all really nice inks, and I hope you like the ones I gave you.
Cheers ~Maja

May said...

Hi Maja, Thanks for the trade. I love the ones I received from you.

All the inks I brought to the meeting are traded :).

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Just a friendly reminder....

As stated at the top of this page and on our home page....

This is a VPC club **members-only** area and any spam and/or solicitations from non-members will be removed immediately. Thank you for your cooperation!


Markthetruck said...

If anyone is in need of resacing or repair of their vintage pens, I may be contacted at
Cheers, Mark

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Just posted a few vintage pens for sale on the main part of our blog on behalf of Christopher's wife Chris. Link to blog post here:

Markthetruck said...

I'm looking for anyone interested in a late '50s model 149 Montblanc. I'll be bringing it and other to tonights meet.
Cheers, Mark
email me @ if you'd like photos

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Posting this on behalf of Brian, one of our longtime pen club members:

For sale - Miscellaneous vintage ink bottles and other writing-related items (approx. 150 items). Would prefer to sell as one lot and, since there is so much glass and ink, to deliver or have picked up by hand. Any pens or pencils shown in the pictures are not included for sale in the main lot. A separate offer can be made for them if desired. Please contact for more details.

I posted the photos Brian sent me here on Photobucket:

peterha said...

I have a Pilot Custom 742 with a Falcon Nib (FA) for sale. For those of you who don't know, it's probably the flexiest modern nib. Reason for selling is that the nib can't keep up with the nib so you have to write slowly with it. Needed funds for another pen on my wish list. Looking for $150.

peterha said...

Sorry, I meant to say the feed can't keep up with the nib. I made a video of my pen here:

Peter Ha said...

I have a Pilot Falcon with rhodium trim and an extra-fine nib for sale if anyone is interested.

It makes an EXTREMELY fine line and is quite toothy.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Delta Limited Edition Indigenous People Kanaka Maoli Hawaii, fine nib. $750.00. Visconti Divina Medium Size, fine nib. $700.00. Graf Von Faber Castell Intuition Platino Grenadilla, fine nib. $725.00. Delta Limited Edition Special Indigenous People Native American, fine nib. $800.00. Montblanc StarWalker, Metal Rubber. Fine nib. $350.00. Visconti Opera Crystal Demonstrator. Fine nib. $650.00. Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen, medium nib. $775.00. Most of these pens were inked but not used. These pens are listed on Craig’s List Vancouver under collectables. I’m open to offers. You can contact me at
Al Brunelle
Posted by Albert Brunelle at 3:20 PM on Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Posting this on behalf of Barry W, one of our longtime pen club members:

For sale - Meisterstuck's 146,144, transitional, 12, 121, 14, 32. A sterling silver Solitaire 1448 circa 1985, 149 full size, a Mozart set ballpoint and pen, Starwalker black, Legrand ballpoint, a silver Legrand and a 146 with a 925 cap and some Montblanc ink. I do have an inkwell if someone is interested. The pens are all shown in the photos.

I posted the (three) photos Barry sent me here on Photobucket:

Please contact Barry at for more details.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Posting this on behalf of one of our members, Christopher R:

Wanted to buy: a clip for a No.18 Conway Stewart pencil.

If you are able to help Christopher out, please contact him directly via email at


Unknown said...

I have a Shaeffer fountain pen (fine nib) and Diamine Red Dragon ink (fullfor bottle) for sale.
Here is the link:
Please respond through the ad if you're interested.
Thank you!

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Posting this on behalf of Frank Bird, one of our pen club members:

For Sale: Conway Stewart Churchill Red Ripple fountain pen lever-fill fountain pen, mint in the box, never inked, with all documentation. It's a limited edition, rippled red and black ebonite (or hard rubber) # 210 out of 500 produced, now long out of production. Each pen is unique due to the rippling effect. It also comes with a Churchill cigar (huge!) in a metal cylinder, a bottle, unopened , of Conway Stewart ink, and a small book of Churchill quotations.

I would be open to reasonable offers from anyone interested.

Frank Bird

My home phone is 604 469 6727 and my cell phone is 778 865 0053.

Unknown said...

For Sale:
Ballpoint pens (Caran d'ache and Monteverde Poquito stylus) + Fountain pens (Kaweco and Online) + ink cartridges

1) Caran d'ache Metal Ballpoint pen - Metallic red color with blue ink + Monteverde Poquito Ballpoint Pen with Stylus - Purple with black ink

2) Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain pen with 1.1 nib + red Online Fountain pen with Medium nib + brown ink cartridges

Please reply through the Craigslist ads. Thank you!

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Posting this on behalf of Jerred, one of our members...

Jerred's sales post: I'm selling a Lamy 2000 in medium. I've tuned the nib to have a larger sweet spot and I'm asking $180 for the pen.

If you are interested in purchasing this pen from Jerred, please contact him via email (his email address is in our VPC group email list)

Jimmy said...

Hi, this is Jimmy,

Here for sale three fountain pens:

1) Montblanc 90th anniversary 146 (M) $580
2) Montblanc rouge et noir (red) (M) $580
3) Yard O Led standard victorian (F) sterling $550

All without packages but mint condition.


Cableguy said...

Hi, this is Andy

I have 3 Penbbs pens.
They are brand new and uninked.
I'm the first owner.

309 Vermouth (F)
487 Cordierite (F)
487 Misty Mountain (F)

I would like to sell them all in one shot. With that, I can make it a bargain.

$60 shipped to your door.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

The PenBBS fountain pens (in Cableguy's post directly above) have been SOLD!

Gord said...

Hello! I am actually looking for some assistance - I have a Cross Century II that was gifted me by a dear friend a long time ago. Most recently, the feed broke, and I was hoping to get it replaced. I was wondering if anyone here is capable, or knows a good place where I would be able to get this done?

Additional to this, the pocket clip on the cap has come loose. If this is something able to be fixed, I'd love to hear as well!

Thank you


Vancouver Pen Club said...

(Replying to 'Gord' directly above)
Hi Gord, if you cilck on "REPAIR" in the tag cloud, you'll see posts about Mark Harcourt, Christopher Robertson and Jerred K (who only does nib repair). These are the only three people in our club who do professional pen repairs (I was just doing a demo lol). Mark and Christopher's business cards (with their contact info on them) can be found in those posts. If you have any more questions, please email us at