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Some photos from our March meeting (theme: Skinny/Slender Fountain Pens)

Happy first day of Spring! We had our March meeting on the 16th, and although there were only nine members in attendance (possibly due to Spring Break vacations), we had a great time discussing our newest pen-related acquisitions, as well as our March meeting theme -- Skinny/Slender Fountain Pens. I snapped some photos during the meeting, so without further ado, here they are...

(please click on images to enlarge ~ all photos by Maja, except where noted)

Jerred (who suggested our meeting theme--thanks again, Jerred!) kicked off our "show & tell" with three slender Delta fountain pens, two of which are shown above--a gold-plated one he reviewed here, and one with a lacquer finish that resembles the "thuya lacquer" used on some Parker '75' pens. Jerred also showed us an ultra-slender fountain pen --not photographed--- that he reviewed here three years ago. 

Jerred also brought his Faber-Castell 'Neo Slim' fountain pen for our meeting theme. He pointed out that it was actually made in China (check under the top of the clip), which surprised me as so many of their fountain pens are made in Germany. I always learn something new at our meetings!

Above: Jerred's Pilot Grandee Urushi, a slender, elegant fountain pen made of ebonite and coated with urushi lacquer. Jerred reviewed the pen here on our blog a couple of years ago.

Stuart brought in some slender vintage fountain pens, including these two handsome Sheaffers  - a black 'Snorkel Valiant' and a green 'Craftsman TM (thin model)' Touchdown-filler.

The Snorkel has a beautiful conical, two-tone gold nib, while the 'Craftsman' has an open gold nib. I think the gold trim really suits the pens' colours.

And this is the pen Stuart bought for himself for his birthday earlier this month---a very short, very skinny brass Kaweco 'Liliput' pocket fountain pen!

The pen has a italic nib and posts by screwing the cap onto the end of the barrel

This is the slender fountain pen Stuart bought last October during the Vancouver Pen Shop's annual sale--a Graf von Faber-Castell 'Guilloche'. Its barrel is made of rhodium-plated guilloched metal, and the pen sports a 18K gold nib. Stuart also brought in a new desk set, which we will be featuring in Wednesday's blog post (link).

Mandy brought two skinny pens to our meeting for the evening's theme--a Pelikan 'Steno' (P470 model) and a Traveler Company's brass pocket fountain pen that was made in Japan. The Traveler has a clip that can be removed to make it even more portable.

Above: A photo of all the skinny fountain pens (and one not-so-skinny) that I brought for the meeting's topic. From L-R: Sailor Chalana, Pilot Birdie, Pilot Juliet (all three of which I got as gifts from my good friend Glenn in Australia :), Cross 'Century'/ 'Century I' (which I reviewed here), Cross 'Metropolis', Montblanc 'Noblesse' (first generation - reviewed by me here), Lamy 'cp1', Jinhao 65 (reviewed by me here), Diplomat 'Traveller' "Flame" (I did a review of that one, too -- link), Sheaffer 'Slim' Targa and a standard Sheaffer 'Targa' (to show people the big difference in width).

I also showed four new fountain pens (not photographed for this blog post)--a Benu 'Talisman' "Foxglove" & a Platinum 'Preppy' Limited Edition I later reviewed here---bought both at Buchan's the day of our meeting--as well a Conklin 'All American' "Rainbow" Limited Edition (a purchase inspired by the one Kelley brought to our January meeting---thanks, Kelley!) and a Kaweco 'Liliput' in brass (like Stuart's, but with a different nib). I will be reviewing my Kaweco 'Liliput' next week here on our blog (update--review later posted here), and the Benu probably next month or May.

My tiny Sailor 'Chalana' below my Cross 'Century' (a/k/a 'Century I', to distinguish it from the slightly-girthier 'Century II)'

Look at the difference in their nib sizes! (and yes, that's a gold nib on the little Sailor)

A tiny Sailor converter on the tiny Sailor 'Chalana'...

That's Phil's vintage Conway Stewart 'Dinkie' ringtop fountain pen below my Sailor. The Conway Stewart pen came with its original box, which was in fantastic condition for its age.

Above: Two more slim fountain pens Phil brought for our meeting theme---a modern Diplomat 'Magnum' and a grey vintage Esterbrook 'SJ' lever-filler that he found at the Vancouver Flea Market for $5! Phil also showed us his new Sheaffer Triumph 440.

Our meetings' secondary themes are always "Newest Acquisitions'. Those are Julienne's two lovely new Pilot fountain pens in the photo above--a black Pilot 'Custom 742' and a blue Pilot 'Custom 74', both purchased during her recent trip to Japan. Julienne also brought a chrome-plated Caran d'Ache 'Ecridor' for our meeting theme.

This is Vladan's gorgeous new Kilk 'Epigram' fountain pen. The resin is a beautiful shade of green and the pen looks even better in person, believe it or not! Oh, and in case you're wondering why we didn't have "Green Fountain Pens" as our March meeting theme, it's because we'd done that theme (at least) four times already :)

The Kilk fountain pen was designed and manufactured in Turkey and has a Latin motto on its sterling silver cap band--“Vincit Omnia Veritas”, which translates to “Truth Conquers All Things.”

Vintage fountain pen lover Christopher brought several slender fountain pens for us to see, including this Moore BCHR (black chased hard rubber) fountain pen (which he reviewed here) and the Webster BCHR ringtop below it (update - Christopher wrote a review about the Webster here).

He also brought along a very interesting Parker ringtop and a beautiful vintage all-metal Rexall 'Signet' fountain pen (the bottom two pens)...

(photo courtesy of April)

I was so distracted by the /amazing/ nibs on April's fountain pens that I forgot to photograph them, but she was kind enough to snap a photo of them for this blog post.
Photo above, top to bottom: Pilot 912 with AF nib, Jinhao 100 with replacement Wing Sung 629 nib, vintage Waterman 12 PSF in black hard rubber.

April also included some notes about the pens' wonderful nibs:

--Re: the Pilot 912 FA nib, April writes: "...(it has a) Spencerian grind (adding flex and regrinding to needlepoint) by (not by John Mottishaw himself but his students) - It has a lot of tipping materials left as a needlepoint grind, which I find very interesting."

 --Re: the Waterman 12 PSF:"It's a XXF nib with full flex capacity. The lever was replaced with a 3rd party part. That’s why it’s a different color than the clip. The 12 PSF was made between 1915 - 1917 and "PSF" stands for Pocket Self Filling, which was how Waterman called their lever filling system at that time. Later on, Waterman changed the naming system and used #5 on the decimal point to represent lever filling system. This 12 PSF was the precursor of the widely known Waterman 52 model."

--Re: the Jinhao 100 with replacement Wing Sung 629 nib that was modified by her friend in China: "The (nib's) flexibility was achieved by both chemical and physical modification. It was first chemically treated then it was reduced in thickness. Part of its shoulder was also cut off to increase flexibility."

(photo above & all photos below courtesy of Sherman)

Sherman couldn't make it to our meeting, but he's obviously a fan of slender fountain pens, as you can see by the group photo that he sent in for this blog post!

From left to right:
élysée Jewelry (90 Line) Bi-Color Barleycorn Gold & Platinum
élysée Jewelry (90 Line) Laque Intarsia Antique Greek Black
élysée Design (80 Line) Rolled Gold
élysée Design (80 Line) Laque Jade
élysée Design (80 Line) Laque Coral
élysée Classique (70 Line) Laque élysée
élysée Classique (70 Line) Laque Brown
élysée Classique (70 Line) Laque Cobra
élysée Classique (70 Line) Carré Gold
élysée Classique (70 Line) Barley Silver
élysée Spherical Finial (60 Line) Damascene Globetrotter Stainless Steel
élysée Spherical Finial (60 Line) Dynamic Steel GT (Gold Trim)
élysée Spherical Finial (60 Line) Dynamic Steel CT (Chrome Trim)
OMAS 88 Slim Line Champaign Black
Montblanc Slim Line Satin Black
Montblanc Slim Line Satin Blue
Montblanc Slim Line Satin Burgundy
Montblanc Slim Line Brushed Stainless Steel
Sheaffer® TRZ Model 63 Matte Burgundy
Cross Classic Century Chrome
S.T. Dupont Classique Laque de Chine
Waterman Exclusive Tortoise Shell Lacquer GT

Sherman adds: "I'd like to draw to your attention that the OMAS 88 (above) is really, really tiny and slim. It’s a really cute pen indeed. But if I knew it was that slim, I wouldn’t have bought it, I believe. But I was at the very beginning stage, so I didn’t even know the size impact even though the seller did reveal the measurements!"

(Above):"The nib of the Montblanc Slim Line did have at least two versions from my collection...

I like the one with the Montblanc logo on the nib."

"The Sheaffer TRZ (the stickered pen in the photo above) is also very slim; I had a hard time in finding a converter or cartridge. Glad that I bought both of them from Peyton Street Pens.

For the élysée, I would say the Design Line is quite small when you hold it. I did not take measurements, but I'm just sharing a handfeel. Maybe I should try to measure them, to validate my saying this.

In any case, I have all these as my slimmest collection so far. Enjoy." 

Thank you, April and Sherman, for sending in photos and notes about your pens, and many thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last week! It was great to see so many fountain pens that matched the meeting topic/theme, but please remember--even if you don't have anything that matches our monthly meeting themes (or any new acquisitions), come to the meetings anyway --they're all about having fun seeing, learning and talking about pen-related things in a casual setting!

**The date and venue of our April meeting will be posted on our blog as soon as I confirm them. Meeting information will always be posted at the top of each page on our website (in big red letters, so you can't miss it :)

(~ Blog post by Maja ~)


RJ said...

Wonderful idea for a theme and great pictures and descriptions, thanks.

It is sometimes funny how things run in cycles. A year ago I had never heard of a Sailor 'Chalana' fountain pen. And then someone showed one off at a London Pen Club breakfast last autumn, the nib sure is tiny. And here I'm seeing another one. Wonderful! I'm now fully expecting to run into more Chalnas.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Thanks, Rick!
I know what you mean---sometimes it's feast or famine when it comes to hard-to-find fountain pens lol